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2-Sided Green Thyme 13″ Pillow-Top


The 13″ Green Thyme Mattress features a certified organic cotton cover with New Zealand wool batting, 100% natural Dunlop latex and Quantum edge-to-edge support coils.

No polyurethane foams, toxic fire retardants or harmful adhesives.



Green Thyme Pillow Top

The 2-Sided Green Thyme 13″ Pillow-Top

For a plush medium feel that allows you to sink in a bit more our 13″ pillow-top is for you. This upgraded style adds two additional inches of latex for an even more premium feel. The total of 5 inches of durable and responsive Dunlop latex is paired with the superior support of the Quantum coil system. Expect superior pressure relief, zoned lumbar support and a dynamic perimeter reinforcement. Along with comfort that is unparalleled to the average online mattress.

This model is a plush medium feel that is ideal for side and combination sleepers. It also works great heavier individuals and is great for anyone who likes a slightly softer feel. Expect distinct support with just enough push back to never feel like you are sinking too far into the bed. As well as all pressure points to be relieved and weight evenly distributed.

13″ Pillow-Top Construction

  1. Organic Cotton Cover – This natural and eco-friendly fabric is both durable and soft. Creating a breathable surface that is healthy and clean for you and the environment. Kept in place with hand button tufting that secures the cover and layers underneath without the use of any chemicals or toxic adhesives.
  2. Natural Wool – The plush layer of wool under the cover adds not only additional comfort but also is great at regulating temperature, wicks away moisture, is antimicrobial and a natural fire barrier.
  3. 5″ of Natural Dunlop Latex – This foam is made naturally by deriving the sap from rubber trees. Giving us the extremely durable and comfortable Dunlop latex. This foam provides great pressure relief with plenty of response and creates an adaptable foam that is great for all sleepers. It also offers a cooler sleeping experience and ample benefits.
  4. 8″ Quantum Edge-to-Edge Coil Unit – This thicker gauged steel coil set is durable and strong giving the entire mattress superior support and ideal for proper ergonomics and spinal alignment. Reinforced around the perimeter for added longevity and strength.
  5. Firm Side 1″ Latex Layer with Wool– The last layer provides the firm side of the mattress as well as extra deep support and durability.
Green Thyme Pillow Top Construction


gt organic cotton
The finely crafted button-tufted cover is made of naturally soft and breathable certified organic cotton. Creating a luxurious feel that enhances both the form and function of this premium cover. Known for its durability, breathability and natural moisture wicking ability, cotton is not only a natural  material that surpasses any synthetic textile, it is also one of the most comfortable fabrics available.
gt latex
Each Green Thyme Mattresses features a thick layer of responsive yet contouring 100% natural Dunlop latex foam. This natural rubber foam is sustainably sourced and harvested making a comfort layer that leaves out any synthetic, blended or polyurethane foams. Creating a high performing yet green option that is durable, resilient as well as naturally temperature neutral. 
gt wool
The natural benefits of wool make it a material unlike anything else you can make or find. Its amazing properties not only keep you temperature neutral, ensuring that you are always comfortable, but it also is moisture wicking, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and even is a natural fire barrier eliminating any need for manmade materials in the Green Thyme Mattress.

Healthy Support

The Green Thyme Mattress uses several top quality components to provide long lasting and durable support. This not only adds to the quality of the mattress but also the quality of your sleep. By providing perfected ergonomic support that is never too soft.

The Advantage of Proper Support:

  1. Dunlop Latex Foam:  Latex foam is a denser and more durable foam that supports your body as well as great at contouring and adapting to you without ever being too soft.
  2. Steel Coils: The coil system lends yet another material that is ideal for support that moves with your body while providing multiple benefits. Including perimeter enhanced coils for added edge support.
  3. Working Together: The coils react independently while the latex provides a smooth consistent feel. Giving every sleeper much needed healthy and properly supported sleep.

This premium approach ensures that your hips, shoulders and back are always in proper alignment. All while providing increased edge support, reduced motion transfer and long lasting durability. Making the Green Thyme Mattress ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers who want the best long lasting support.

bare coils
green thyme plush top

Detailed Construction

The care and detail that goes into each Green Thyme mattress can be seen by looking no further than its distinctive cover. However, it doesn’t stop there. The top layer of super soft and breathable certified organic cotton rests gently above the naturally temperature regulating and moisture wicking plush layer of wool. All held in place by hand-tufted wool rosettes.

The technique and art of hand-tufting dates back to the 17th century. Not only does it add a level of detail and distinction but is also very functional. By using button-tufts as anchors you are able to keep the layers of the mattress from shifting and pulling and secures them in place. It also helps keep the cover tight and smooth to further prevent lumps and dips over time.

Under the carefully designed cover is layer of perfectly aerated latex. The precise and intentional holes are evenly distributed and don’t disrupt the support but aid in heat dissipation and contouring to your body for ultimate comfort.

The coil system evenly distributes weight while the edge is reinforced. Creating a solid and stable core that works in tandem with the latex for proper support and long lasting durability that will give you years of incredible sleep.

Cooler Sleep

Not only does the Green Thyme Mattress sleep cooler, but does so naturally. The materials have been carefully chosen because of their inherent ability to alleviate heat retention, maximize air flow and breathe naturally.

Breathable organic cotton is paired with the plush and naturally moisture wicking wool to create the cover. Both amazing sustainable material that boasts several benefits in lieu of manmade materials for sleeping cool and easily work with your body to regulate temperature.

The comfort layer of Dunlop latex is naturally aerated to prevent heat build up and the solid coil system is great at dissipating any potential heat that may even make it that far.

The Green Thyme Mattress allows plenty of air flow and solid support to guarantee a cooler sleeping surface from the time you sleep until you wake.

Green Thyme Plush Top

It’s “thyme” to wake up refreshed and well rested on the healthier, natural Green Thyme Mattress. The only thing you are losing is more sleep.

What are the Mattress Sizes (Dimensions)?

Twin 38″X75″
Twin XL 38″X80″ (two make a split king)
Full 54″X75″
Queen 60″X80″
King 76″X80″
Cal-King 72″X84″

What is the Mattress Warranty?

We are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty. Learn More

What can you tell me about the coil unit?

We are proud of our coil unit. It provides Zoned Support for the best spinal alignment you can get. The coils offer edge to edge support, ensuring you can use the entire sleep surface without having a roll off the bed feeling. We like to be as transparent as possible so see the coil unit info right from the manufacturer below.


Mattress SizeCal-King, Full, King, Queen, Split King, Twin, Twin XL


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